“To become and remain Our Client’s Most Trusted Advisor”
Our mission is what we seek to accomplish every day as per roadmap.We are committed to transform our Road map Into Milestone.


“To Be Recognized for Delivering a Superior Combination of Successful Investment Solutions and Exceptional Customer Service”
We are committed to revolutionise the Financial portfolio of our affiliates and investors by providing single window platform for Forex, crypto, Equity, E-commerce and Exchange powered by 24 x 7 x 365 days integrated customer support.

  • Respect for our Clients
  • Integrity in Both Thought and Action
  • Teamwork Supported by Sound Investment Strategies
  • Strong Commitment to Excellence

Our values represent the core of our beliefs in terms of how we want to operate.



Our Roadmap RoadMap

Transparency and accountability are our main priorities
Q1 2020
Development of POS based Doch Star
Q2 2020
Deployment of Doch Star
Q2 2020
Buidling up wallets & apps
Q3 2020 15th July
Launch of Doch Star POS token
Q3 2020
Token sale & listing on various exchanges
Q3 2020
Enlistment of DOCHS on CoinMarketCap
Q4 2020
Development of Defi based on Doch Star token as base currency
Q4 2020
Development of Decentralized Escrow based online shopping platform DochMall
Q1 2021
Launch of Doch Star Defi & DochMall
Q1 2021
Development of Doch travel portal
Q1 2021
Development of Doch Gaming
Q2 2021
Launch of Doch travel
Q3 2021
Launch of Doch Forex Broking Platform
Q3 2021
Launch of Doch Equity Broking House
Q4 2021
Doch AI TOT Global Launch

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